We believe that there is hope for everyone, regardless of their circumstances. Suicide is never the answer. But we are facing a crisis: suicide rates are higher than ever and continue to grow.

Our mission is to provide support for all those affected by suicide. Join us in spreading awareness, sharing stories of survivors, and saving lives through suicide education.

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Watch Bob tell his story and learn more about our mission.
Every 40 seconds, someone somewhere in the world takes their life.

Are you struggling?

You are not alone. Click the following link that best matches your situation to be directed to the appropriate resources on our website.

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Suicide Is Preventable But Not Predictable: Stories of Hope

This book is just another form of hope that has found its way to you. Read inside everything you need to know, from signs to prevention and how to deal with such a situation in our lives. Bob has word pained everything from struggle to steps to highlight that you are not alone and that you can, too, find the will to live within yourself.

Survivor Stories

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